Sunday, 19 October 2014

Magnificent Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Shoulder tattoos are a clever way to convey your individuality as well as love for tattoos, whilst at the same time having the option to keep them covered up in certain situations. If you aren't yet ready for a half- or full-sleeve tattoo, then a shoulder tattoo is a great starting point. For both men and women, shoulder tattoos could be hide up in the workplace, but come the evenings and weekends you can display them with pride, and it is a large enough space to really go for it and have an amazing and elaborate design.

Japanese Tattoos

Japanese style tattoos tract always a popular choice for any area of the body and the wide range of designs available makes it easy for tattoo-lovers to choose their own personal favorite. Cherry blossoms are a wonderful choice, especially for women, as they look beautiful and feminine elegant over the shoulder and onto the back. A detailed Japanese dragon seems wonderful, as do koi, tigers also Japanese style waves. If you can not determine on just one picture for your Japanese style shoulder tattoo, the space is large enough for your tattoo artist to come up with a design that incorporates two or more of these ideas.
Tribal Tattoos

Tribal shoulder tattoo designs are a familiar choice, and looking at these designs you can see why! The shoulder is the best place for placing a large, bold tribal design on, and they may be extended into the arm or down across the back for an even more powerful effect. A large Polynesian design, with the contrast of sharp angles and curling curved lines, seems superb tattooed onto a shoulder, or you may choose a detailed Celtic cross placed superbly on your shoulder.

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