Sunday, 19 October 2014

5 Hottest Mens New Hairstyles 2014

Most of the latest hairstyle for men trends vintage roots with a modern twist. There so many different combinations of smooth hair against undercuts, and melted creating a range of unique looks. Check out these pictures for the latest 10 hairstyles for men 2014 new hair salons through Instagram. If you like these crispy cuts, do not worry about the terminology and just show your barber or stylist image to get exactly the cut you want.

Similar to the body, the fade can be combined with any hairstyle you want. One of the hot looks for 2014 is this skin fade that shrinks hair length all the way to the skin. Keep looking fresh cut with regular visits salon. On top hair is tucked away in a softer version of spikes that takes a form similar to straight hair without the need for all that long.

This is why you go to a barber with expertise in hair and beard. While you can associate a molten skin with a short beard, opt for a seamless transition to the cone fade instead. The hair is worn over the combover classic with a twist. The hair is not combed just opposite the side but diagonally forward on the back with a touch of height and change of direction further to the front.

This cut is a similar style with a bald fade that works with a short beard. It is a vintage-inspired hair smooth but not the corporate world of Mad Men. It is a modern pompadour with a concentration of up to the hairline. 

Slick hair can be so much more than the signature look of Don Draper. This style one-of-a-kind shade hair, back, and around the other side. Try using a flexible product like Kevin Murphy Un.dressed or Sebastian Microweb fiber. 
With a little extra length on top, the more creative hairstyles are an option. This unique hairstyle is an edgier version of the last two cuts. Instead of a gradual taper, a recess is defined almost an inch below which is a part. Hair on top is styled in a twist exaggerated.


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